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Wed, Jan 10


Vienna School of Negotiation

9th Negotiation Facilitator Program - 5 modules to your certification

Continue your journey from seasoned practitioner to certified negotiation professional with the innovative Vienna School Toolkit. Discover your passion for negotiation and work towards sustainable negotiation success without collateral damage. Assess in advance your agility as negotiator and apply - Program held in GERMAN. Tuition of EUR 11,900 (excl. VAT) ALL PROGRAMS CAN BE CUSTOMIZED AND ARE AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CALL US.

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9th Negotiation Facilitator Program - 5 modules to your certification
9th Negotiation Facilitator Program - 5 modules to your certification

Time & Location

Jan 10, 2024, 9:30 AM GMT+1 – Jan 12, 2024, 5:00 PM GMT+1

Vienna School of Negotiation, Dorotheergasse 7, 1010 Vienna, Austria

About The Event

We train and certify using the world's best professional negotiation methods NEGOTIATION PRACTITIONER (9d) and NEGOTIATION FACILITATOR (16d) in order to use these tools and essential skills to achieve equally good success in terms of content and sustainable, human relationships as well as to design processes efficiently .

On January 10th The 9th certified further training beginsNEGOTIATION FACILITATOR, theworld's first Further training for negotiation professionals,which brings individual practice to perfection based on one's own experience according to the highest academic standards. The Vienna School Toolkit includes, for example:Interest-based negotiation according to the Harvard concept, theProcess Communication Models® (PCM),  Leading Out of Drama® (LOD) with Compassionate Accountability and other innovative methods. 

Before training begins, we evaluate together based on theNegotiator Agility Assessments (NAA) -Your resilience as a negotiator. TheNAAbased on your personalDrama Resilience Assessment and yoursPCM personality profile and addresses the use of your talents, your ability to deal with conflict and your understanding of negotiation situations. Gain clarity in advance about your suitability as a negotiation facilitator.

The Negotiation Facilitator includes 16 days in 5 modules and a further 4 days of peer groups, supervision, case studies and the study of specialist literature. As part of the practice transfer, you and experienced practitioners bring in concrete, real-life situations right from the start. In order to ensure the greatest possible practical transfer, the content is tailor-made and builds on one another. Here is a brief overview:

  • Module 1:January 10 - 12, 2024 :: 3 days :: Kick off the Negotiator Journey & Human side of negotiation: Process Communication Model®
  • Module 2:February 28 - March 1, 2024 :: 3 days :: Interest-based negotiation according to the Harvard concept: deals, difficult tactics
  • Module 3: April 9 - 12, 2024:: 4 days :: Deepening Harvard Toolkit & Leading yourself and others into conflict :: From Drama to Compassionate Accountability™
  • Module 4:  May 21 - 23, 2024:: 3 days :: Attitude decides :: Practice transfer & Real cases
  • Module 5:  July 3 - 5, 2024  :: 3 days :: : Practice transfer &  cases, cases, cases :: Final examination and diploma

The  Further training for Negotiation Facilitator costs including Negotiator Agility Assessment, 3 profilings, documents, snacks and drinks€11,900(excl. VAT). We offerSpecial conditions for people from thepublic sectorand fromNon-profit organizations, for EPUs or whenseveral people in an organization participate.At the same time, we would be happy to design a negotiation facilitator program with great impact for your most important negotiators - within your organization.

:: MORE INFORMATION :: tel +43 1 953 2652 - 0 :: Ms. Carla Jouan



Negotiating means – beyond rigid positions – satisfying as many of your own interests as possible and the most important interests of other parties involved. By understanding and incorporating the interests of the other side, communicating clearly and intentionally, and developing an expanded understanding of process design, you will achieve improved substantive results and cooperative working relationships with negotiating partners in your professional environment and in your everyday personal life.

Interest-based negotiation according to the Harvard concept is a method developed by Prof. Roger Fisher and his team at Harvard Law School, which is supplemented and further developed by the Vienna School of negotiation in an ongoing process. Interest-based negotiation is intended for people from practice and teaches simple techniques and clear strategies with the aim of making negotiation processes efficient, finding innovative solutions and developing personal communication skills.


The Process Communication Model ® is one of Dr. Taibi Kahler developed a comprehensive communication and management model for everyday professional and private life. It provides a quick insight into your own personality architecture and communication patterns as well as the personal success and failure factors in communication.

We can use the perceived strengths of the different personality types within us not only for ourselves, but also for shaping relationships and effective collaboration. Your individual PCM personality architecture serves as a reflection point for practice.


Building on Steve Karpman's Drama Triangle model, LOD provides powerful tools for resolving inter-personal conflicts and many opportunities for self-awareness to reduce negative drama in both professional and personal lives. Learn to acknowledge situations that create negative drama identify and make innovative decisions and achieve binding goals within your team through positive change with the help of the Compassion Cycle.


Negotiators need the ability to have multiple perspectives. This ability requires more mature, post-conventional stages of ICH development. Permantier's model of the 6 attitudes helps us to locate ourselves and others in our own perceptual abilities and to identify steps for further development.

Shadow work in a safe space creates reference experiences and provides access to higher levels of ego development.

Negative parts of the self and paradoxes can then be better integrated and thus enable more diverse, creative solutions to complex negotiation situations. Also take a look at where things are not going so well and actively deal with them - this work is essential for negotiation professionals.


In the 1980s, Rickie More, Ph.D. and Henry Marshall, Ph.D., two clinical psychologists, Tri-Energetics (TE). TE represents an integrative attitude that assumes that body, mind and spirit are one. The TE formula is an effective tool for simplifying relationships and situations and in practice aims to promote personal responsibility in groups and inner peace. In every negotiation, clear intentions, taking human needs into account and clear communication are essential for sustainable success. With the "Playshop - Negotiating with Body and Soul" we are following in the tradition of the "TE Playshops" , which have been taking place all over Europe since 1982. Even in the most difficult situations, humor and intuition open up new scope.


TheProgram leads SONJA RAUSCHÜTZ, Founder & Managing Partner, Vienna School of Negotiation

Consultant, negotiation facilitator, executive coach and management trainer, Sonja Rauschütz has been accompanying people in negotiations, strategic partnerships and conflict situations in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, the USA and international hotspots such as for over 30 years. B. the Balkans and the Middle East. International mediator; Keynote speaker

Studied at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. 1999 Master of Public Administration at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. 1999-2002 Faculty member at Harvard Law School and closest collaborator and only European alongside Prof. Roger Fisher (author of the Harvard concept) at the Program On Negotiation (PON). In 2000 she initiated the Israeli Palestinian Negotiating Partners Program (IPNP) together with Prof. Fisher, Landrum Bolling and Moty Cristal. Further initiatives such as the Balkan Negotiation Partners (BNP) and the Young Negotiator Initiative (YNI) follow.

Business Circle Management Trainer of the Year; certified PCM (Process Communication Model®) trainer & coach; Advanced Provider for LOD (Leading Out of Drama®) with Compassionate Accountability(™; Tri-Energetics Counselor, Coach and Trainer; Dialogue Facilitator (on behalf of Life in Dialogue);

International teaching activities, among other things Harvard University, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna Diplomatic Academy, Skolkovo Moscow Business School, et al,; Training programs for the CTBTO, OSCE, World Bank, UNIDO, IMO and the Energy Community.

CHRISTINE KRIMMEL, Founder & Managing Partner,CX agency ::  Strategy agency for customer focus

executive coach,Negotiation Facilitator and Senior trainer, who describes herself as a “woman from practice”.  

As a management consultant and agile organizational developer, she has been supporting national and international corporates on their way to more customer centricity for over 10 years.  Lecturer for CX/Design Thinking & Innovation at the WU Executive Academy; Conception & Carrying out numerous learning journeys around CX, communication & Conflict and leadership.

In addition to academic degrees in marketing and sales, systemic coaching and organizational development, she has completed numerous further training courses in psychological and psychotherapeutic areas. Her current focus of interest is the ICH development from EGO to self, 4-year curriculum with Sylvester Walch in transpersonal psychology and holotropic breathing. Graduate of Martin Permantier’s “Attitude Decides” training course.

Certified Process Communication Model® Trainer & Coach and LOD facilitator.

KATARZYNA BOBINSKA, management trainer, coach & Negotiation Facilitator, Vienna School of Negotiation

Over 13 years as Transport Manager for Poland and Germany, Division Manager and Team Leader with particular focus on employee development,Truck Walter. 

Master in International Economic Relations, University of Lodz, PL :: Certified mental trainer, PL :: Two-year training in systemic consulting, A :: Certified Process Communication Model® trainer & Coach and LOD facilitator.

Special areas include self-management, personal development and leadership; Leadership of people of younger generations.

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