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The strengths of dreamers are: calm, fantasy, reflection.

  • In order to get your attention and interest, your counterpart needs a clear, unambiguous and direct way of communication.

  • You do not react openly, but take your time with answers.

  • You may need outside stimulation to do something and more likely to wait for others to take the first step on you.

  • In order to feel good and work efficiently, you need time and space for reflection and introspection. For longer meetings and discussions, you can take a break. This is how you endure difficult situations.

  • If you are mildly stressed with others, you may passively wait, hoping that time will resolve the problem. When the stress builds up, back off without finishing the work you started.

  • You need time to yourself to restore your natural efficiency.

As a dreamer, you are valued for:

  • Your unshakable calm in any situation, allowing you to analyze the various hypotheses and possible solutions.

  • Your ability to reflect and think about humanity. You are self-critical and do not judge others too quickly.

  • The imagination with which you explore all the hypotheses and possible options.

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