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Meet Our Faculty
Meet our international teaching & consulting team
Sonja Rauschütz
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MPA (Harvard University)

Negotiation consultant and facilitator working with clients in the US, Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Southeastern Europe and the Middle East; Management trainer, executive coach and international mediator. As a cross-border commuter, Sonja focuses on the agility of negotiators in difficult negotiations and long-lasting conflicts.

1999-2002 Faculty of Harvard at Law School Program on Negotiation; In 2000 she initiated the Israeli Palestinian Negotiating Partners (IPNP) program, the Balkan Negotiation Partners program in 2004 and the Young Negotiator Initiative in 2015; studied at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and holds a Master of Harvard Kennedy School of Government, USA. Certified PCM® trainer, LOD ™ provider and consultant for system configurations; Tri-Energetic Counselor; Lecturer at renowned universities; Keynote speaker.

Dr. Harald Klien

Vienna University of Business
Administration and Economics

M&A expert, 20 years in mergers & acquisitions and investment consulting, has negotiated over 400 international transactions in various industries (e.g. construction, real estate, transport, steel, mechanical engineering, telecommunications, IT, automotive industry, tourism); CEO and founder of CD Invest Consult GmbH / global M&A Austria; Founder and President of ACG Austria, an NGO for economic and organizational growth; Co-founder of the Vienna School of Negotiation, international lecturer; Keynote speaker.

Moty Cristal
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MPA (Harvard University)

Strategic consultant and trainer for intercultural political and business negotiations with a specialization in crisis negotiations; Lieutenant Colonel (R.) with extensive operational experience; 1994-2001 member of the Israeli negotiating team, partly as deputy chief negotiator of the negotiating team of the Israeli Prime Minister; Lecturer at the Department of Diplomatic Studies at Tel Aviv University, International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism, Herzelia and the University of Singapore; Co-founder of the Israeli Palestinian Negotiating Partners (IPNP); Keynote speaker.

Beatrix Schmelzle-Austin

MPA (Harvard University)

Negotiation skills trainer, cross-cultural facilitator, involved in international conflict management initiatives, worked for Search for Common Ground and International Alert with a special focus on Southeastern Europe; since 1999 lecturer, initially at Harvard Kennedy School; is currently doing her doctorate on peacebuilding and victimization in post-war regions with a focus on linking theory and practice; Co-editor and coordinator of the Berghof Handbook for Conflict Transformation, Berghof Research Center, Berlin.

Anthony Wanis-St John

Ph.D. (Tufts University)

Negotiation advisor and management trainer; moderates strategic alliances in multinational companies as well as World Bank projects in Latin America; advises negotiators in the Middle East peace process; Mediator with a Palestinian-Lebanese background, numerous publications (e.g. "Back Channels: Two Edged Sword of Peacemaking", "Cultural Pathways in Conflict Resolution", "Expanding the Pie"; lecturer at Tufts University, Harvard Law School, Bordeaux Ecole de Management, Notre Dame University in Beirut; keynote speaker.

Keith Fitzgerald

MPA (Harvard University)

Consultant for crisis management and crisis negotiations; Experienced management trainer for multinational companies and conflict advisors in international conflict initiatives with broad geographic expertise from Northern Ireland, India and Pakistan, Sri Lanka, East Timor, the Philippines, Sudan, South Africa; Advisor on hostage negotiations in Latin America, the former Soviet Union and Southeast Asia; Teaching positions, e.g. Harvard Law School, National University of Singapore, Tufts University; Keynote speaker.

Christine Krimmel

MSc (University of Vienna)

Executive coach, certified negotiation moderator and esteemed senior trainer, who essentially describes herself as a practitioner. Founder and managing partner of the CX Agency, an organization dedicated to the success of its clients. As an experienced negotiation and marketing expert, Christine Krimmel has been supporting her clients in strategic change management for 20 years. She is a specialist in design thinking and organizational development. Process communication model © Trainer & Coach.

Ciprian Moga

Business transformation consultant who supports sustainable change and personal development. As a consultant, trainer and coach for managers, he integrates both systemic, rational instruments and the human side. As a certified agile profile trainer and master trainer under supervision, he has trained several hundred executives worldwide who use the advantages of organizational agility. Process communication model © Trainer & Coach, Karpman Triangle® Trainer; Keynote speaker

Ciprian Moga works in industries such as Engineering & IT Services, FMCG, Retail & Distribution, Oil & Gas and Shared Services: IT, Human Resources, Finance. He started his consulting career at Cap Gemini in 1996 and is now the owner and partner of several companies in the field of consulting and training with clients in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the USA.

Founder of the Ravensburger Clown School, trained tri-energetic consultant (Dr. Rickie Moore and Dr. Henry Marshall), qualified occupational therapist and German alternative practitioner; The focus of his work is theater and circus education with clown training programs, workshops on humor and playfulness in management as well as supporting young people with autism. Andreas Weisser and Sonja Rauschütz run the Negotiation Playshop, a module on self-management as part of the Negotiation Facilitator Program of the Vienna School of Negotiation.

Founder and managing partner of Process Communication Nederland and Add Fuel. Entrepreneur, trainer, coach, interim manager and consultant with a focus on daily management. Edith believes that much energy loss, frustration and stress in organizations can be avoided and converted into effective, positive energy and results. With over 15 years of experience in marketing, management, change and leadership, she strives to eradicate the virus of miscommunication and to provide executives, managers and entrepreneurs with the fuel to make communication a success factor in their company.

Andreas Weisser
Edith Doosje

MSc (Lodz University)


Communication trainer and business coach, negotiation facilitator and mental trainer. Katarzyna Bobinska has over 12 years of experience as a team leader, transport and division manager with a special focus on efficient communication, leadership (including Generation Y) as well as conflict and stress management.

As a Business Circle lecturer and part of the Vienna School of Negotiation team, Ms. Bobinska inspires others to discover their own potential. Masters degree in International Economic Relations from the University of Lodz. Certified PCM (Process Communication Model) trainer & coach; Certified facilitator for LOD (Leading out of Drama). Training and further education in systemic counseling.

Katarzyna Bobinska
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