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The base Thinker personality character strengths are: organized, responsible and logical

If you have a thinker base:

  • To gain your attention and your interest, the person talking to you will use a factual way of communication asking for or providing data.

  • You and others will communicate better through questions and exchanges of information.

  • To feel good and be efficient, you require being recognized for your thoughts and accomplishments. "Good work." "Great idea." "A job well done." You also require time structure and like to plan things.

  • Under light distress, in interactions with others, you may want to demonstrate you are doing things perfectly and you may reverse delegate. You may also give too much details, and incert needless qualifications, thinking you make yourself seem clearer. If distress increases, you could become overcontroling, attack others, and argue about time, money, order, or cleanliness.

  • You require return to your logical and structured way of thinking in order to regain your natural efficiency. Reasuring yourself that you are doing a good job, or having others do this, is the key to your recovery.

If your base personality type is Thinker, then you are probably appreciated for:

  • your capacity for organization and detailed planning.

  • your logic in structuring ideas or issues and explaining quickly and clearly to the others.

  • your ability to take responsibility, making you a welcome person in both your professional and personal relationships.

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