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You are ready to negotiate.

Your team too?

Are you ready to negotiate.
Your team too?

Do you know your status?
Take a Negotiator Agility Assessment (NAA).

The NAA determines your flexibility in negotiations, especially when the going gets tough.
Are your tools, skills and talents available at the negotiating table?

The NAA is conducted by two certified Vienna School experts and based on two licensed personality profiles: your PCM Personality Profile and your current Drama Resilience Assessment™.

Agile negotiators use their talents regardless of the circumstances, understand the creative potential of conflicts and lead themselves and others constructively to good outcomes.


Certified Negotiation Facilitator :: starting again for the 9th time

Negotiation professionals are agile, use their intellect and their knowledge of human nature to lead themselves and others to remarkable results. Coincidence? Innate talent?

Expand your tool boxes and design conversations, collaborations and conflicts with competence.

Get certified and start with your very own Negotiator Agility Assessment .


  • Excellent results in terms of content

  • Humanly authentic and without collateral damage

  • Elegant processes and efficient meeting design

... no matter who you are negotiating with

At the same time, we start the first Vienna School Negotiation Practitioner on January 10th, 2024 :: 9 days

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Vienna School Toolkit


  • Your own PCM personality architecture and the strengthening of communication, stress management and leadership qualities according to the Process Communication Model® in dealing with a wide variety of personalities and situations

  • Development of Compassionate Accountability ™ with LOD - Leading Out of Drama including several Drama Resilience Assessments to review your development

  • Techniques from the Ravensburger clown school in combination with Tri-Energetics

Certified LOD Facilitator

As one of the most powerful and simple methods, we use LOD - Leading Out of Drama® and the concept of Compassionate Accountability in negotiations and in dealing with conflicts. LOD Facilitator is a training course for negotiation professionals, leaders, coaches, consultants, ... interested parties who have had enough of energy-draining dramas.

Conflict is the difference between what we experience and what we want: short and to the point. It is energy that we can use destructively or constructively and we can choose how to proceed.

  • Use a drama resilience assessment to take stock of your conflict behavior.

  • Train your compassion skills and develop them irrevocably.

  • Lead yourself and others out of conflicts and into innovation and cooperation, where safe openness, an atmosphere of curiosity and consistency are lived by as values.

  • Accompany others to integrate Compassionate Accountability into their professional and personal lives.

2021 LOD Provider Badge.png

After your certification you are eligible to

  • Create Drama Resilience Assessments for individuals and teams.

  • Facilitate practical Conflict & You workshops and reflections

  • Check the organisational capacity when dealing with conflicts and identify areas for improvement..

  • Deepen daily leadership practices on the topics such as: Drama-free meetings and daily contacts, performance reviews and apologies

  • Use MyNE, an online platform to manage your clients and outcomes

  • Access current resources as certified LOD professional

  • Use NEOS and IMPACT to evaluate the effectiveness of training measures and impact; while  making the results available to your customers

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