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The strengths of persisters are: commitment, attention and conscientiousness

  • In order to arouse your attention and interest, the other person should communicate with you through questions and the exchange of values and opinions.

  • In order to feel good and work efficiently, you would like to be recognized for your convictions: "I admire you." "I value your opinion" "What do you think we should do?" Good job. "" Well done. "

  • If you are mildly stressed around others, you may be focusing too much on the wrong thing instead of the right thing. If the stress increases, insist on your opinion and tend to distrust and righteousness: "Only my opinion is the right one."

  • You have to regain trust in the other person in order to find your way back to your natural efficiency.

As a persevering person, you will likely be valued for:

  • Your ability to observe and have a clear opinion on people and situations.

  • Your conscientiousness, both professionally and privately. Others admire your way of life and your morals.

  • Your commitment to political parties, your company, etc. and the tenacity with which you pursue your ideals, principles and values.

  • Your spontaneity, your positive energy and enthusiasm.

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