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Negotiation based on the Harvard Concept

A bestseller for over 30 years. Success in negotiations based on interests rather than positions! Easy, practical methods that are often discussed and used by negotiation experts. 


Interest-based negotiations according to the Harvard Concept is a method developed by Prof. Roger Fisher and his team at the Harvard Law School. It includes easy techniques and clear strategies, that prepare and shape the negotiation process in an efficient manner. The methods of the Harvard Concept are often used in Politics as well as the Finance Industry and are considered to be a vital aspect of successful negotiations. It enables creating positive results, particularly in difficult negotiations. The training is designed for executives and is the basis for successful negotiating. For 30 years the principle of interest-based negotiations has been an insurance for successful negotiating. Tools for professional negotiatiors.


During the 3-day-training you will develop methods and strategies to the thematic priorities contract negotiations, team preparation, dealing with difficult tactics and clear communication. Short presentations, interactive excercises and role play ensure the optimal implementation of teaching content in practice. At the same time, we offer a brief insight into the human aspect of negotiations. 


  1. Assessment

  2. The four main principles of interest-based negotiation

  3. Communication & Difficult tactics

Target Audience

C-level, CEOs

Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Lawyers, Innovators



High potentials



The aim of this training is to enrichen your individual skills with the methods of the Harvard Concept and gain experience with realistic case examples. 

Operative negotiations (e.g. project management, sales, purchasing, key accounts,...)


Policy Makers, NGOs


Harvard Interest-based Negotiations 

  • People
    Differentiate between the human and factual aspect

  • Interests
    Focus on the interests behind the positions

  • Options
    Take time for brainstorming before making a decision

  • Criteria
    Use objective criteria for fairness and legitimacy


What is the difference between the Executive Negotiator Program and the "Harvard Concept"?

The program, which is based on the Harvard concept, mainly focuses on the tradition of the bestseller "Getting to Yes". The Executive Negotiator program goes even further and combines the Harvard tools with two other essential aspects of the negotiations: process design and human resources management. Therefore, we have included the management of complexity and crises, as well as the psychological profiling based on the Process Communication Model and Leading Out of Drama. The Executive Negotiator discusses how to achieve substantive results, build constructive working relationships and commit to efficient processes. In addition, the Executive Negotiator Program is taught by the Vienna School's International Teaching Team and is mainly offered in English.

Is it possible to have the program as an in-house program?

The Vienna Negotiation School offers flexible options depending on the number of participants. For a personalized offer, we can work out the best option based on the size of your group, the language of instruction, the location and the most suitable faculty of the Vienna School.

Are there special conditions for large groups?
In addition to special conditions, we also offer the opportunity to personalize the content of the training for companies. Please contact our office in Vienna for more information.

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