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Process Communication Model®

The secret weapon of successful negotiations!


This training is designed for leaders or people in key positions, whose daily professional life is mainly around strategic leadership and communication as well as negotiation.

Module 1: Process Communication Model® Basics

  • offers an introduction to the most important components of process communication and practical use

  • includes the creation of a personality profile based on an online questionnaire


Module 2: Intensified knowledge of the Process Communication Model®

  • repeats the key components of the first module and focuses on in-depth application of the model in communication and stress dealing


Module 1: Basics

  • six personality types, which everyone has to a certain extent

  • the strengths and weaknesses of each personality type

  • five styles of interaction

  • communication channels to create constructive contact

  • psychological needs of each personality type


Module 2: In-depth training with an emphasis on negotiation

  • personality structure

  • preferred social surrounding of each type

  • perceiving and contacting each other in creation of communication process

  • drivers in difficult situations

  • stress patterns

High potentials

C-level, CEOs

Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Lawyers, Innovators



Operative negotiations (e.g. project management, sales, purchasing, key accounts,...)


Policy makers, NGOs



Your Benefits

The Process Communication Model (PCM®)

  • helps you to identify your preferred communication channels and psychological needs

  • enables conscious perception of communication and behaviour patterns of others

  • concentrates on interaction, so HOW and heightens the effect of WHAT in interaction with other people

  • strengthens leadership qualities, team development, motivation and conflict resolution

  • is an extensive personality and communication model based on scientific research in behavioural psychology

  • improves your personal stress management and sharpens your understand of partners


Based on your own personality profile, we create your "key to yourself" in Module 1. This includes your personality architecture and individualized materials.

Target Audience








  • Everyone has an individual architecture based on six personality types

  • Your BASIS shapes your perception and preferred communication

  • Your PHASE defines what motivates you in a professional as well as personal manner

  • The personality types were developed and validated within the last 30 years in more than 950.000 scientific profiles

Process Communication Model®

Federal Ministry of Defense

For me completely new approaches to the problems and possibilities of leadership, which can be used immediately in the work environment and which are constantly evolving.

Daihatsu Germany

Process communication clearly prepared, good practical exercises, very good transferability to the job.

Wolf system construction

Exciting & complex themes are presented with a lot of practical relevance. The knowledge imparted is a great asset for every participant.

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Is PCM® possible as in-house program?

Dependent on the amount of participants, the Vienna School of Negotiations offers full flexibility. For a tailored offer in terms of size, language, location and content, please contact our office in Vienna.

Are there any special offers for large groups?

For groups from companies, we offer special prices as well as the possibility of individualizing teaching content. For further information, please contact our office in Vienna. 

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