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The strengths of empathics are: compassion, empathy, warmth.

  • To get your attention and interest, the other person should speak in a warm voice.

  • In order to feel good and work efficiently, you want to feel unconditionally accepted as a person: “I like you.” “You are important to me.”, Ie you need a harmonious environment.

  • If you are mildly stressed around others, you may become insecure about what you are doing, thinking, saying, and giving priority to others. They may accept uncomfortable situations or make half-hearted decisions.

  • You make mistakes when you are under a lot of stress. They laugh at themselves or act "stupid", which has the consequence that they are attacked by others.

As an empathic, you are likely to be valued for:

  • Your warm, caring, compassionate manner, your striving to create harmony and to be there for others.

  • Your emotional way of perceiving people and things.

  • Your sensory perceptions or the ability to perceive with all 5 senses.

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