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16th Executive

Negotiator Program

Sharpen your negotiating skills as an experienced negotiator.

Best Of  Vienna School methodologies with  International Teaching Team.

Practical and powerful program including the people side in negotiations.

Sharpen your negotiating skills as an experienced negotiator.

Starts on June 27, 2023


Quite simply, no other program offers such an intense distillation of Harvard's interest-based negotiation techniques and the latest tools for dealing with the people side in negotiations. Gain practice applying the introduces tools to Harvard case simulations and real life situations. Focus on International Deals while sharpening your Crisis Negotiation Skills. Get your own Process Communication Personality Profile and increase your agility in difficult situations as well as your  impact when getting your message across. This program is designed to give you hands-on experience and help you to integrate these new methods into your professional lives.

Business executives, managers, lawyers, sales and retail managers, key accountants, political decision-makers and all professionals who feel they would like to improve their ability in conducting effective negotiations and consistently aim at successful outcomes.

If you are looking to gain a critical edge – the journey starts here!



  1. Interest-based Deal-making

  2. Diagnose Conflicts & Difficult Tactics​

  3. Managing Complexity & Crisis (only in the 4 day program )

  4. The People Side in Negotiations

Target Audience

C-level, CEOs

Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Lawyers, Innovators



Operative negotiations (e.g. project management, sales, purchasing, key accounts,...)


Policy makers, NGOs

High potentials



Your Benefits

Benefit from a practical and powerful program to reflect, strategise and engage in expanding your repertoire. Sharpen your negotiation skills with clients, suppliers and other third parties. Based upon the instruments and strategies of the Harvard Negotiation Project and the Vienna School of Negotiation

This unique program enables you to learn:

  • What defines success in negotiations and what to learn from failures

  • How to prepare yourself and your team to achieve excellent results

  • How to assess the other party’s interests and overcome positional bargaining

  • How to strike international deals based on objective, legitimate criteria

  • How to deal with difficult negotiators and lead through crisis situations

  • How to avoid common pitfalls and effectively handle “dirty tricks”

  • How to gain a structure within which you can effectively apply your new-found skills


The content was conveyed excellently. Theory, tools and practice were in excellent balance. I don't remember being so excited about another training I've ever attended. Humorous, committed, exciting lecturers.

Dr. Axel Westerwelle, GFC Holding

Sonja Rauschütz was extremely committed and innovative when she and us were looking for ways out of a conflict and crisis situation in a business placement case.

The 5 days offered me a practice-oriented training tailored to my needs and interests and lively presented by experts using examples, the learning content and basic schemes of which I could no longer do without in my everyday professional life!


A rare opportunity to get first-hand information, examples and answers that will not help you lose your nerve in crises and consequently lose the negotiations!


What is the difference between the Executive Negotiator Program and the "Harvard Concept"?

The program, which is based on the Harvard concept, mainly focuses on the tradition of the bestseller "Getting to Yes". The Executive Negotiator program goes even further and combines the Harvard tools with two other essential aspects of the negotiations: process design and human resources management. Therefore, we have included the management of complexity and crises, as well as the psychological profiling based on the Process Communication Model and Leading Out of Drama. The Executive Negotiator discusses how to achieve substantive results, build constructive working relationships and commit to efficient processes. In addition, the Executive Negotiator Program is taught by the Vienna School's International Teaching Team and is mainly offered in English.

Is it possible to have the Executive Negotiator program as an in-house program?

The Vienna Negotiation School offers flexible options depending on the number of participants. For a personalized offer, we can work out the best option based on the size of your group, the language of instruction, the location and the most suitable faculty of the Vienna School.

Are there special conditions for large groups?
In addition to special conditions, we also offer the opportunity to personalize the content of the training for companies. Please contact our office in Vienna for more information.

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