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The strengths of doers are: adaptability, persuasiveness, charm

  • In order to arouse your attention and interest, the other person should choose a clear, authoritarian communication style.

  • They are especially effective when faced with challenges and difficult or new situations.

  • To be comfortable and to work efficiently, you need action, that is, a lot of excitement in a short amount of time. They love the high energy levels in such situations.

  • If you are mildly stressed with others, you may become impatient and consider them to be too weak. When the stress builds up, you take risks - for your health, your personal safety, or the safety of your company. They manipulate others to achieve their goal, cross boundaries, break the rules.

  • You need a challenge or a positive event to find your way back to your positive motivation and restore your efficiency.

As a maker, you are valued for:

  • Your charm, which lies in your direct way of communicating and well-placed compliments. Even those who consider you tactless will appreciate you as a pleasant companion.

  • Their extraordinary ingenuity and the ability to get up again and again after setbacks.

  • Your ability to adapt to any new situation or environment. They like change and hate routine.

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