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The strengths of logicians are: structured, sense of responsibility, reason

  • In order to arouse your attention and interest, your counterpart should speak to you in a factual manner, ie provide or ask for facts.

  • They communicate best through questions and information sharing.

  • In order to be comfortable and to work efficiently, you want to be recognized for your thoughts and achievements. “Good work.” “Great idea.” “Well done.” You work in a structured way and need time schedules.

  • If you are mildly stressed with others, you may want to demonstrate that you are doing everything perfectly and take over tasks. You lose yourself in the details and emphasize your competence. When the stress builds up, you tend to control and criticize others and argue about time, money, order, or cleanliness.

  • You have to find your way back to your logical, structured basis in order to restore your efficiency. The key is to make it clear to yourself that you are doing a good job or that you have employees who do it for you.

As a logician, you probably appreciate her for:

  • Organization and good planning

  • Structuring your talent for ideas or problems and explaining them to others in an understandable way.

  • Your willingness to take responsibility, both in professional and personal relationships.

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