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We facilitate, train and coach your negotiation success

The Vienna School of Negotiation was founded by Sonja Rauschütz as a European meeting point for negotiation practitioners.

The idea was born in the late nineties at the Program On Negotiation, where Sonja Rauschütz, then faculty member of Harvard Law School, worked with the best-selling author Prof. Roger Fisher. (“Getting to Yes” or "Das Harvard Konzept").


We help professionalize negotiations by supporting all parties involved. Our cutting edge negotiation tools offer systemic support for individuals, teams and organisations to integrate negotiation knowledge into real life success.


Together with our internationally renowned partners we aspire a European movement to professionalize negotiations by supporting chief negotiators, negotiation support units and anybody committed to negotiation excellency. The focus lies equally on remarkable results, sustainable relations and efficient processes.​ 


While we often work with experienced negotiation practitioners and we take special pride in our Young Negotiator Initiative where we help complement existing skills, sharpen the tools for great results and deal with different people constructively.


Life is negotiation. Time to take control of the process and be accountable for remarkable outcomes.  

What we offer


In important matters professional support pays off. This is especially true when negotiations are emotional and conflict-ridden or when solutions need to be found across departments. We accompany you and your team in the structured, preparation, joint analysis and create a psychological profiling or negotiator agility assessments.

We facilitate each meeting with a light hand based on international best practice, side by side with your decision-makers or chief negotiators. Let's bundle our resources and solve the problems leveraging existing competencies.


The Vienna School is a method set comprising the three sides in negotiations: content - people - process. It is also a mindset for great results without collateral damage.

Our programs are academically sound, interactive, with real life examples and foster best practice  exchange among experienced practitioners.

We help train your muscles, through continued learning and reflection. You expand your repertoire and strengthen your agility in difficult situations. How fit are you? Time to take control of the outcome of important negotiations? Get certified.


Harvard's Interest-based Negotiation, is a US-American method focusing on structured content preparation and active design and control of the process.

The Process Communication Model® (PCM) and the effective Leading Out of Drama® with Compassionate Accountability   strengthen your own agility and offer practical instructions for dealing with people. Knowledge of motivation, predictable behaviour in conflicts and one's own personality architecture are crucial factors in any collaboration.


The Vienna School's purpose is to contribute, aside from economic considerations and help raise voices of different perspectives.From the beginning, the Vienna School teams have accompanied international and local political and social dialogue between conflicting parties, building a bridge between generations and diverse parts of our society.

In our current studies, we focus on the resilience of negotiators and the success factors of interpersonal cooperation.


Head of Human Ressources

"Getting to Yes" and Sonja Rauschütz in their special way have changed the way we work together, our conversation culture and our project design. This training is a real asset to personal and professional life.

Vice President Sales

Sonja Rauschütz's analyses and her ability to focus are unique.



This training goes beyond providing you with the skills required to be a good negotiator. It changes your mindset, takes you out of your comfort zone shaped by your studies and profession.

Senior Consultant

The content of the seminar was practical from day one and was so application-oriented that I had no choice but to live the Harvard theories. Thanks to Sonja Rauschütz, who also set a new benchmark for the type of presentation.

Managing Partner

The Harvard concept is one of the few seminars where I always have the materials at hand. The seminar and Sonja Rauschütz impressed me very much.

Upcoming Events

  • 9th Negotiation Facilitator Program - 4 modules to your certification
    9th Negotiation Facilitator Program - 4 modules to your certification
    Wed, Jan 10
    Vienna School of Negotiation
    Jan 10, 2024, 9:30 AM GMT+1 – Jul 05, 2024, 6:00 PM GMT+2
    Continue your journey from seasoned practitioner to certified negotiation professional with the innovative Vienna School Toolkit. Discover your passion for negotiation and work towards sustainable negotiation success without collateral damage. Assess in advance your agility as negotiator and apply - Program held in GERMAN. Tuition of EUR 11,900 (excl. VAT)
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